Create a Campaign

Start a campaign is an amazing adventure and a lot to tackle. We understand and experienced the situation before. So we are here to help and build simple and friendly dashboard for you to create your campaign without any hassle.


  1. Visit Angelfund
  2. Login/Create Account

Create your Account

  • Please login and/or create an account, if needed.

Project Information

Project Title and Goal

  • Your campaign title is the headline of your project — make sure you include everything someone would need to know for them to want to contribute and enter the funding goal

Project Category

  • Select relevant category

Campaign Start and End Date

  • You can run a campaign for any number of days, with a 90 day duration maximum.

Campaign End Options

  • Choose how to handle campaign end. Leave open to keep collecting payments even though your campaign date has already ended, closed to remove pledge button and you may not receive anymore fund once you have reached the end date.



project details

Project Detail

Project Short Description

  • Short description is like the sub headline of your project and make it short

Project Video (Your Pitch Video)

  • Campaigns with videos raise 3000% more than campaigns without videos
  • Make a short video (1-3 minutes) that describes your goals and purposes.
  • The first ten seconds of your video count and end with a clear call to action
  • Make sure the video is in HD and concise.
  • Show potential contributors a sneak peek of your project, product, film, etc
  • Star in the video yourself to make it more personal

Project Long Description

  • Briefly introduce yourself, and your team background.
  • Explain why your project is valuable to the contributor and to the world.
  • Make sure you include everything someone would need to know for them to want to contribute.
  • Provide details that will motivate people to contribute.
  • Be transparent, specific and details- Build the trust and motivate people to contribute to your project.
project faq

Project FAQ & Image

Project FAQ

  • List down the Frequently ask Question for your potential contributor regarding your project

Project Image

  • Featured Image:                                                   – Make sure your image is high quality, interesting and relevant to your campaign. This information is what people will see on the Angelfund home and landing page, and they should be compelled to click on it.
  • Image- shows off your product or the benefit of your campaign


project level

Project Level Rewards

Number of Reward

  • You can create many level of rewards.For example if you create 3 Levels and you can include 1)Basic  2)Intermediate 3)Advance.  The Level price also vary from Level.
  • Rewards are incentives offered to contributor in exchange for their support
  • Level Limit- Restrict the number of buyers that can back this level

Level Fund Type

  1. You have 2 options to receive your fund.

i) Immediately receive your fund     ii) 100% Threshold (Receive your fund upon completion of your campaign)

Level Long Description- Let your contributor know what is included in the reward/perks



Submit Your Campaign

  • If everything is completed to your preferences you can submit your campaign for approval. We will take within 2 business day to approve your campaign.
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