• Traditional thinking in water treatment involves large centralised plants & industrial piping.

  • Decentralisation : We are proposing an alternate model, a small plant placed near the people wo need them most

By bringing this micronised water treatment capability directly into locations where it's needed most, we can greatly reduce distribution infranstructure - making it very cost effective.

Design Philosophy

We build water treatment solutions that are :

Robust - Designed for maximum durability

Cheap to Operate - extremely low maintenance

Energy Efficient - use very little power relative to output

Portable/Mobile - easily commissioned in remote locations

Quick to Install - minimum site work required

Simple to Use - can be operated & maintained by a layman

Scalable - multiple units can be stacked to increase capacity

Highly Effective - confirmed by independent lab tests to effectively remove bacteria & viruses surpassing WHO standards

Chemical Free - creates minimal environmental impact


Project Funded 150%


Pledged of $30,000.00 Goal
Ended On
Immediate Water Deployment System
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