House Rules

Terms Of Service


Angelfund (AF)

  • Tradename for this online crowdfunding platform

Proprietary Owner (PO)

  • Person who promotes their product/project on AF platform


  • Person who contributes money to the project/product promoted on AF platform


  • Provide clear instruction or presentation on your product/project.
  • Include video presentation
  • Use English 
  • Promote ventures that enhances life.


  • Infringe patent or copyrighted materials.
  • Scam
  • Promote harmful weapons.
  • Promote illegal drugs.
  • Profane and abusive materials.
  • Solicit funds for self.


  • AF is a platform for PO to promote their innovations. AF does not take any responsibilities or be liable on the products that are posted here. However, AF will do its utmost best to filter the postings so as to comply to the house rules stated herein.
  • If any unfortunate legal undertakings were to incur, the funder will directly deal with the PO.
  • AF and all its staffs does not have any fiduciary duty to any of the deals and shall be kept indemnified at all times.

Platform Fees

  • Angelfund will charge 5% as platform fees per each transaction.  Other fees that will incur but not included here are like payment gateway (such as PayPal, Stripe, etc) processing fees which is 3-5% or credit card charges or bank transfer fee.


  • All payment will be made in USD through reputable payment gateway like paypal, Stripe and others.


  • Should the material posted here does not follow the house rules or for whatever reason the campaign/venture becomes inappropriate to the overall community, AF have the rights to remove or block the postings at any time.


  • All matters regarding to shipping or transporting of material shall comply with the local/international shipping rules and regulation whichever applies.
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